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The GEM Collection
The name “GEM” stands for “Gemini”, but also refers to a concept of “separate, yet connected instances”. The GEM Collection is all about a broad range of bridal fashion items that can be mixed ‘n matched, and with which a bride can create a very “personal” wedding look that is fully up to par with the latest trends in wedding fashion. Brides can choose for subtle items that shine because of their simplicity, but in the GEM Collection there are also items with different types of high-quality lace, intricate embroidery, tulle embellishments or sparkling sequins. This collection entails: Bridal tops, trousers, bridal skirts, jackets, veils, and hair accessories in lavish fabrics, like: Lace, satin, and crêpe. With the products of the GEM Collection brides will feel like true fashionistas.